Friday, August 6, 2010


Over the years, my faith in the goodness of mankind has increased greatly. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre is a living tribute to your kindness and generosity. I am personally thankful to all those men, women, children, old and young who have made a contribution to launch SKMCH & RC and who have continued to support us in alleviating the sufferings of the victims of cancer.
We needed your support then and we need your support ever more now. More than Rs. 3.3 billion are required annually to run the Hospital. Almost 50% of our revenue is collected from selling Hospital services. The rest comes from Zakat and generous donations from well-wishers all over the world.
We were able to launch SKMCH & RC because we had your support. I sincerely hope that I can look forward to your continued support to help keep the Hospital running and providing hope to those victims of cancer who have no other hope for treatment.
Yours faithfully,
Imran Khan

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  1. I like the way he is progressing his cause i.e. SKMT.